Working Out


I posted two links above.  The first is 7 reasons why exercise is good for you and the second is a fitness blog.

I picked an article about why exercise is good for you is because people often forget how important exercise is.  You’ll often hear people say ‘they’re too busy’ or ‘they’re too stressed to workout.’  Working out is something that you should fit into your weekly schedule at least 4 times a week.  It automatically enhances your mood and you feel like a completely different person.

I really enjoy the fitness blog because it gives you a bunch of different links to different types of workouts for your body.  She breaks each workout down step by step and includes in small little tips on how to stay on track and what she recommends you eating. She also suggest the type of workouts you should do for different occasions.  One is called ‘BRIDAL BOOTCAMP’ where she gives you workouts for what you should be doing to get in shape for your wedding dress.

For my workouts, I really enjoy running.  I ran all 4 years for the track team during high school.  Senior year, I had a knee injury where I had a pocket of fluid build up on my meniscus causing me to be in a lot of pain while running.  I didn’t do as well as I wanted to during my senior year of track, but still tried my hardest to push through the pain.  Since my knee sometimes still bothers me, I don’t run as much as I used to and now use different cardio machines.


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