Fish no more

I grew up constantly eating fish as a child, preferably salmon, and I never imagined not eating it.  My dad owns a seafood restaurant which is why I love eating seafood so much.  When my mom was 18, she had a bad reaction to iodine which is in shellfish.  Although she couldn’t eat shellfish, she was still able to eat fish.  It never bothered her too much because she didn’t care to eat shellfish.

This past Halloween, I had an allergic reaction and spent my night in the ER.  I went out to dinner and ordered my classic salmon avocado roll with brown rice.  After dinner I started to develop hives on my chest, but ignored it.  An hour went by and I was almost covered in hives and my breathing seemed to be a bit off.  I then went to see an RA where they told me they needed to call an ambulance for me.  I later that night found out I was having a reaction to the salmon.  About a month after that I went to an allergist and found out that I can no longer eat any type of seafood.  At that point in time, it felt as if my life was over.  I basically lived off of fish as my main source of protein because I am not a big meat eater at all.

In the beginning I was in denial and only ate vegetables and pasta.  I had no interest in eating meat, I just wanted to be able to eat my fish again. My parents weren’t going to allow me to just live off of pasta and vegetables so they made me eat meat.  I chose to stick with just white meat because red meat isn’t good for you and they say to limit your intake to 1-2 times a week.  I now eat chicken for at least one of my meals a day to make sure I am getting the proper amount of protein I need.  I also take a vitamin supplement for my protein since being in college makes it a little harder to get the right amount of protein.


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