Homemade Cooking-> Dining Hall

In my household, we enjoy cooking a homemade dinner almost every night besides occasionally eating out once a week. We like to start with a salad with a couple of vegetables and nuts.  For dinner we usually have chicken now since I can’t eat fish.  My family will still eat fish maybe once or twice a week and they’ll just cook me chicken.  We make all different types of chicken and fish.  For a side we usually have quiona or whole wheat pasta.  Some people may think that’s boring and get sick of it, but I could eat that for every meal, everyday.

My first time eating at the dining hall was very weird.  I had chicken, and it tasted like rubber.  I was so disgusted by it.  I then mainly stuck with eating salads and the soup for some time.  I now get the stir fry station and just get the grilled chicken for dinner with vegetables mixed in.  It doesn’t taste like home, but it’s still good.

You can still eat healthy while being away from home as long as you chose the right options.  Some nights I’m craving pasta and marinara sauce which is ok, but make sure you chose the whole wheat pasta.  “Whole grains contain all parts of the grain kernel. But refined grains, like the flour used to make white bread, have had the fiber-dense bran and the nutrient-rich germ processed out, leaving only the starchy endosperm” (kidshealth.org).

You can also still eat healthy in the dining hall by decreasing your portion sizes when it comes to the food that isn’t so good for you.  Everyone has those days where they crave something unhealthy, but as long as you eat in moderation then there’s nothing wrong with that.


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